Panama-based cargo ship collides with fishing boat near Kochi port, 2 dead – 1 missing

Tragedy struck off the Kochi coast early on Sunday morning when an Indian fishing boat, Carmal Maths, was hit by a cargo vessel called Amber. The fishing boat had 14 people onboard, and while 11 of them swam to safety or were rescued, two others were killed in the accident. One of the fishermen has been declared missing.

Amber L

Around 2.30am on Sunday, Amber L – a Panama-registered bulk carrier cargo ship – collided with the Indian fishing boat which was anchored around 20 nautical miles from the Kochi coast.

According to reports, Naval ship Kalpeni and a helicopter have been carrying rescue operations following the incident.

The Marine Enforcement Wing Rescue Boat has recovered the bodies of two people: Thambidurai, a native of Kualchil in Tamil Nadu, and a worker from Assam whose name has not been revealed yet.

A third, unnamed person is reported missing.

At least two others who were on the boat have been admitted to the Fort Kochi hospital for injuries.

Note: This is a developing story.